National Defense

Clark Jolley supports a strong national defense, and is a strong advocate of the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces.  In recognition of his leadership and support, the Oklahoma National Guard Association named him "Legislator of the Year" for his work.

In Congress, Clark will continue to work to make sure our men and women in uniform are always protected and prepared. Those who risk life and limb in defense of our nation deserve the very best supplies, training, weapons and support possible.

The world we live in is becoming increasingly dangerous every day. From the threats posed by North Korea, Russia, Iran and China to radical terrorism that can impact us right here at home, it’s vital that we remain the strongest and most dedicated fighting force in the world.

The Obama Administration’s reckless policies when it comes to foreign affairs and national defense have harmed our military and made us look weak on the world stage. America must be prepared to lead the free world again. In Congress, Clark will work to ensure our commanders on the ground and the troops they lead have the needed resources to make that a reality.

Clark Jolley will be a steadfast supporter of Israel as a sacred friend to our Country and a needed ally in a dangerous region. He’ll work to repair and strengthen that friendship and ensure Israel always has a strong ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism.