Economic Growth and Jobs Plan

America needs a strong plan for economic growth and jobs that lays the groundwork for a stronger economy and a brighter future for all Americans. My economic growth and jobs plan includes some ideas and proposals many people have advocated for years and that we can agree on ... some hard decisions that need to be made for the future of our country ... and a lot of "Oklahoma style" common sense. The underlying premise throughout my plan is simple: government helps create jobs by getting out of the way of those in private industry who create them. I believe these common-sense, conservative solutions will help create new jobs today and expand opportunity for everyone – without expanding government. And it also starts with stopping the overreach of government, whether it's health care, regulations, or taxation!

Controlling spending
  • Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Cut spending immediately and reduce deficits
  • Better oversight of Federal Agencies and programs
  • Reform our entitlement programs

Controlling spending starts with passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. The explosion of federal spending and the record-setting $17 trillion debt should alarm all American families who struggle to live within their means. Washington's fiscal irresponsibility passes the problem to future generations - mortgaging the future of not just our children and grandchildren, but my generation of Americans. Not addressing the record debt also creates uncertainty in the economy and stops the investment and risk taking that will jump-start the economy and encourage economic growth.

Next, we need to cut spending to immediately and substantially reduce deficits. Washington should live under the same rules families do - and as we do in Oklahoma. It's time to get our spending under control - including having better oversight of federal agencies and programs and rooting out waste, fraud and abuse. And we simply must reform our important entitlement programs to strengthen them for future generations.

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Energy Independence
  • An "All of the Above" approach
  • End the hostility of the Obama Administration and the EPA to expanding energy production
  • Harness all of our nation's natural resources
  • Approve the Keystone Pipeline
  • Allow greater access to federal lands for exploration
  • Increase access to U.S. Oil and Gas Reserves

Energy independence means economic independence
, so we need an "all of the above" approach to our energy policy to make that happen. That includes ending the hostility of the Obama Administration and the EPA to expanding American energy production to help create jobs, increase manufacturing, and make energy more affordable. We must promote policies that harness all of our nation's natural resources including oil, natural gas, coal, hydro, solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear combined with promoting energy efficiency. We must then match those policies with our skilled workforce, advanced technologies and strong research and manufacturing capabilities in a way that creates more jobs and opportunities.

We can take a huge step forward towards Energy Independence by approving the Keystone Pipeline NOW, allow greater access to federal lands for exploration of resources, and increasing access to U.S. oil and natural gas reserves on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

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  • Repeal ObamaCare
  • Allow state health care compacts
  • Allow small business to band together
  • Allow purchase of health care across state lines
  • Strengthen Health Savings Accounts
  • Enact meaningful legal reforms

Health care is one of the greatest costs and concerns for job creators. Any meaningful health care reform must begin with repealing ObamaCare. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently released a report that shows the devastating impact of ObamaCare on jobs. ObamaCare will cost 2 million jobs by 2017 and climbing to 2.5 million jobs by 2024. In short, ObamaCare is one of the greatest threats to our liberty and the future financial stability of the United States.

Once ObamaCare is repealed, we should put in its place common-sense health care solutions that reduce costs, increase choice and stop the mandates. We should allow for states to opt-out of federal regulation and control of health care dollars and allow them to compact with each other to create their own unique systems that promote the freedom of individual consumers to make their own health care decisions. We should then allow small businesses to band together to lower costs, allow the purchase of insurance across state lines without increased federal regulation and strengthen health savings accounts and patient-centric health care. Lastly, just like we did in Oklahoma, we must enact meaningful legal reforms to stop frivolous lawsuits that help drive up the cost of health care.

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  • Cut taxes
  • Reform our tax code
  • Stop penalizing entrepreneurs
  • Make permanent the Small Business Investment Tax incentive
  • Lower taxes on capital gains
  • Repeal the Death Tax

We must create a tax environment for job creators to invest in the future, innovate and grow. That includes responsible tax cuts and reforming our current tax code. Unfortunately, instead of rewarding job creators, the government penalizes their success by hitting them with high taxes and high compliance costs. To create jobs, we must pursue policies that stop penalizing entrepreneurs who invest in plants, equipment, and workers!

My plan is to replicate in Washington what I've proven works in Oklahoma: simplify and reduce business and individual tax rates, extend and make permanent the small business investment tax incentive, keep lower taxes on capital gains and dividends and repeal the death tax.

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  • Stop excessive regulation
  • Require cost benefit analysis for any new regulations
  • Increase Congressional oversight of federal agencies to prevent abuse

Business owners are often forced to fight cumbersome rules and regulations rather than invest in creating new jobs. This burden isn't just on big business. Small businesses - the drivers of economic opportunity for most Americans – are also being subjected to intensive and expensive regulations. A Competitive Enterprise Institute study puts the cost of wasteful regulations to the economy at $1.8 trillion annually. Reforms are needed to reduce the increasing regulatory burden imposed on employers by over-zealous Government regulators.

This starts with a requirement for a Cost Benefit Analysis in the formulation of ANY new regulations. This would ensure that regulations put forth by the Administration must consider the economic burden on American businesses. In particular, we need to focus on small businesses and the disproportionate impact felt by small businesses in regulatory compliance. We also must work to increase Congressional oversight of federal agencies who act on their own to usurp their Constitutional authority by adopting rules which are outside of the authority granted to them by Congress.

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  • Level the playing field
  • Provide trade promotion authority to open markets for U.S. workers

U.S. exporters face higher tariffs and countless barriers when entering most foreign markets. It’s time for all countries to play by the same rules. We must level the playing field and make it easier to sell American goods around the globe. We should provide trade promotion authority to open markets for U.S. workers.

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  • Remove duplication and bureaucracy of government operations
  • Ensure accountability to taxpayers
  • State control of education - Not the federal government
  • Open education to competition similar to higher education
  • Allow for school choice
  • Promote policies encouraging Charter schools, parental involvement and focus on STEM disciplines

The federal government spends approximately $18 billion a year to operate 47 different job training programs that are spread across nine different federal departments and agencies. This redundancy and waste stands in the way of real job growth.

Unfortunately, this heavy investment is not producing results for workers who are trying to find new work. Forty-four of the programs overlap with at least one other program, and the GAO has concluded that little is known about the effectiveness of most programs. We must have responsible oversight of government operations to remove duplication and bureaucracy, and ensure accountability for taxpayers. It is time to reform Federal Workforce Development Programs so workers, taxpayers and businesses get a better return on this investment.

Our education system is also failing us --  and Washington has contributed to the problem. Education is an issue for the states to control, not the federal government. We need to educate the children of today to be the leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and workers of tomorrow. In order to do this, we must open up education to the same competition currently in place for higher education across the board. By doing this, parents and families would have more choices by allowing any federal dollars to follow the student to the school he or she attends. Lastly, instead of Washington dictating to the states how they should educate their students, Washington should promote policies encouraging Charter schools, more parental involvement and a focus on the STEM disciplines that give children more opportunities and teachers more freedom.

Download the full Economic Growth and Jobs Plan.