Government Reform

Clark Jolley believes that government should be efficient, accountable to their citizens and fully transparent in their dealings.  Government belongs to the people -- not politicians, lobbyists or bureaucrats.

In the State Senate, Clark Jolley authored several governmental reform laws, including a Treasurer modernization bill to reduce the cost of using outdated paper methods, an Information Technology bill to streamline the use of resources and personnel throughout most of state government, a “one-stop-shop” portal for business licensees to be able to obtain or renew a license, and a bill that eliminated multiple state agencies.

Clark also authored the most comprehensive education reform bill to bring more transparency and accountability to the state’s largest expenditure – education.

He led the charge after the Kelo vs. City of New London case was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court to protect Oklahoma private property rights from government land grabs solely for economic development purposes.

Clark helped pass the Oklahoma’s original “Open Books” bill and was the principal Senate author with then-Representative Ken Miller of its successor: the “Open Books 2.0″ bill, which seeks to make every individual expenditure of government searchable by individual check and draft.

Clark Jolley is a strong advocate for Voter ID laws that protect against voter fraud. He’s sponsored and helped pass legislation to require voters to prove they are actually the persons on the rolls when they cast their ballot.