Approval of the Keystone Pipeline would bring stable, high paying jobs and the economic security that comes with them. It would make us less reliant on hostile sources of foreign oil and the threats to our national security that comes with that. -- Clark JolleyFor too long, politicians have paid lip service to energy independence without any real results to speak of. The bureaucrats and special interests in Washington have pushed in the direction of foreign energy dependence without allowing for the development of our domestic energy resources at home.  Their reckless actions have raised energy prices here at home, harmed our national security and damaged our economy.

The Obama Administration’s continued insistence on blocking the development of the Keystone XL pipeline is a perfect example of what’s broken in Washington. Despite the wildly inaccurate claims made by the left, Obama’s own state department concluded recently that the Keystone pipeline would have no harmful impact on our environment. In addition to making us more energy independent, developing the Keystone pipeline would add thousands of jobs to an economy that desperately needs them.

Clark Jolley will stand strong in Congress as a loud voice pushing for the development of the Keystone XL pipeline and for an “all of the above” approach to our energy needs. That includes increased drilling for oil and natural gas, which is desperately needed to secure our energy future. We need to cut red tape and simplify the regulatory process to allow for expanded drilling right here at home.

Developing a strong, comprehensive energy plan is urgent and will be one of Clark's top priorities if he is elected to serve as your Congressman.