The Federal Government has no responsibility nor role in education standards.  Education of our children is one of the main responsibilities of state government, but is an even greater responsibility of the parents of children. 

The States should decide what standards they want to have their children learn.  While states should be free to work with each other to adopt mutually agreed upon standards - those should be state decisions, not federal mandates.  Clark Jolley strongly opposes and will fight any attempt by the federal government to take control of local decisions - such as standards, textbooks, lesson plans and teaching methods.

In the Oklahoma State Senate, Clark authored the most comprehensive education reform bill to bring more transparency and accountability to our state’s education system. He’s been a leading advocate for higher standards in the classroom and on protecting the ability of teachers and parents to decide what’s best, not bureaucrats in Washington.

Clark also is a strong believer in home schooling, and has consistently supported the rights of parents to be the principal educators of their own children.

Clark Jolley believes the best way we can improve education is through more school choice initiatives and giving parents and students the chance to learn in a school that’s best for them. Additionally, teachers should be free from several mandates and should be more able to choose the best educational path for their students.