Statement by State Senator Clark Jolley, Candidate for U.S. Congress in 5th District, on Vote in State Senate approving HB 3339, related to Common Core

April 2, 2014

Yesterday, in the State Senate, I supported and voted for HB 3339, which removes the legislative mandate requiring adoption of the Common Core State Standards. The bill passed the Senate and now goes to the House for their final approval. 

This bill allows for Oklahoma to maintain its sovereignty in developing and implementing its own school standards while requiring the State Board to always adopt standards that expect high achievement and are certified by Higher Education as college-ready and CareerTech as career-ready. HB 3399 also keeps local control of curriculum and textbook selection – where it should be.

The State Board of Education, with input from parents and teachers, will adopt the standards that are right for Oklahoma, and to set the appropriate high level of rigor and ensure our students are college and/or career-ready. 
I want to extend a special thanks to the thousands of parents, students and teachers who came to the Capitol on Monday in support of K-12 public education.  I enjoyed meeting with many of them to discuss the importance of our children’s education and the need to keep it a top priority for us all.  I have always been a strong supporter of education, and believe the Federal Government has no responsibility or role in education standards.  Education of our children is one of the main responsibilities of state government, but is an even greater responsibility of the parents of children.  The States should decide what standards they want to have their children learn. 

Let’s all continue to work together for the best education for our children and students!

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