State Senator Clark Jolley Recognizes National Small Business Week

May 15, 2014
Campaign Release

Oklahoma City, OK - State Senator Clark Jolley, candidate in the 5th Congressional District Republican primary, issued the following statement about National Small Business Week:

This week is National Small Business Week, the time when we honor the contributions that small business owners make all year long. Small business owners are close to my heart; they are my friends, neighbors and fellow church members. When we meet in our communities or even at the Capitol -- as I did with the Alliance for Main Street Fairness this week during the Oklahoma Retailers Day -- they want to talk about the challenges they face as business owners. Those who know me know how I approach every piece of fiscal legislation: by assessing how it will impact these small business owners. How will this bill help strengthen the economy, create jobs, lighten the tax burden or enable a business to grow?

Small businesses are the backbone of this country’s economic engine. They have generated most of the new jobs and employ close to half of private sector employees. In every conversation I have ever had with a small business owner, I can tell you that nobody has asked for higher taxes or more regulation. Every small business owner I know wants government to just get out of the way so they can focus on building their business. Every new reporting requirement means more time doing paperwork, less time for sales. Insurance premium hikes mean less money for employee salaries. Lower taxes mean that Mom and Pop can keep more of what they earned and maybe invest in a new delivery van or computer system.

I have voted for every income tax cut in Oklahoma in the last eight years. The result is Oklahoma's Income tax is a whole 25% lower today as a result. I also voted for lower property taxes, lower taxes on business, and fought to eliminate the unfriendly franchise tax. I authored the legislation to protect Oklahomans from increased taxes because of a federally enabled internet sales tax collection. I have been a strong supporter of tort reform and regulatory reform, and I support doing a cost-benefit analysis before enacting any new regulation. I want to create new jobs and empower small business owners, not government bureaucrats.

I know that health care is one of the greatest costs and concerns for small business and job creators. That's why I've fought against ObamaCare at every turn, authoring the HealthCare Compact to empower Oklahomans to withdraw from the Federal disaster, and leading the fight for a Constitutional Amendment to protect us from ObamaCare's individual mandate. I believe we should allow small businesses to band together to lower costs, allow the purchase of insurance across state lines without increased federal regulation and strengthen health savings accounts and patient-centric health care.

If elected to represent the 5th district, I will work to replicate in Washington what we've proven works in Oklahoma and what I have fought for throughout my career. I have put together a jobs plan that you'll hear more about in the days ahead, but it is centered on common sense, fiscal responsibility and minimizing the role of government. Every item in my jobs plan helps small business, because strengthening small business is the cornerstone of our nation's economic recovery.

State Senator Clark Jolley has been a leader for conservative principles in Oklahoma's state government since he was first elected in 2004. He has been recognized for his leadership and support of small business. The Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce awarded him the Guardian of Free Enterprise Award, and the National Federation of Independent Business praised his 100% voting record in 2012. He is the author of major legislation to reduce taxes, fight ObamaCare, enact tort reform, protect the 2nd Amendment, balance the budget, and protect the lives of the unborn. He and his wife Verlyne live in Edmond and their two children attend the local public school.

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