State Senator Clark Jolley Announces Candidacy for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District

January 23, 2014
Campaign Release

State Senator Clark Jolley announced today that he is running for Congress in Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District. Senator Jolley is a proven conservative leader and will continue to fight for the values Oklahomans hold dear. Below are Senator Jolley's prepared remarks from his campaign announcement:

Hello, my name is Clark Jolley and I am here today to tell you I want to go to Washington DC to fight for you. Each and every one of you.

Why? Because Congress and Washington are broken. Too much government, too much spending, too many taxes are destroying our country, our freedoms and our way of life.

We need someone who will fight to repeal Obamacare, someone who will fight to lower taxes and someone who will fight, just like Senator Tom Coburn has, the wasteful spending that burdens this nation today and for future generations to come.

Federal overreach has burdened our state and is destroying our way of life. I will fight every day with every breath to reign in government, to make it smaller, more efficient and to remind the politicians up in DC that they are spending our money and it’s got to stop.

But my desire to represent you in Congress is backed up with experience. As a conservative leader in the Senate, I helped lead the fight to put a Constitutional Amendment in place to protect Oklahomans from ObamaCare and any individual mandate.

And I support Attorney General Scott Pruitt in his defense against the overly intrusive federal government and applauded Gov. Fallin’s decision to reject federal funding that could have compromised Oklahoma’s lawsuit against the federal intrusion.

And until ObamaCare is repealed I will fight to ensure that America’s health care decisions will be left to the people individually themselves and not to a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.

When I entered the state senate our income tax rate was at 7 percent. I've been a champion who has fought repeatedly to make sure we have lowered that and today it stands at 5.25 percent—I’ve fought successfully to reduce your income tax by 25 percent on the tax rate just over the last nine years.

I’ve voted for lower property taxes, I’ve voted for eliminating unfriendly business taxes and I’ve voted for lower taxes on businesses.

As the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I have fought for lower taxes and have balanced our budget the same way families have to balance theirs.

Let me be very clear, when I am your Congressman and the high taxers and liberals propose to balance the budget with even higher taxes you can be sure of one thing...I will say NO to higher taxes.

In Washington, I will propose a constitutional amendment to responsibly balance the federal budget and dedicate any surpluses to paying down the enormous federal debt that threatens the economic freedom of not just our children and grandchildren, but my generation of Americans.

We cannot continue to jeopardize our future and bring a tragic end to our founding fathers Great Experiment with this deficit spending and you can be sure when I get to Washington I will fight to stop that.

My life has been in the fifth district -¬‐ since birth at Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City, to growing up in Del City, going to Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, starting my small business in Oklahoma City and raising a family in Edmond.

I’m so very proud of my family and that they are standing here with me today. I’d like to introduce my wife, Verlyne, my daughter, Lauren, my son, Alex, my mother, Margaret. My father, Paul, was a member of our Greatest Generation and fought for our country in the South Pacific in WW2. He is joining us today from heaven, where he has the best seat in the House.

I learned my values from my family. Those strong conservative values are the Fifth District’s values -¬‐ that hard work, limited government and faith in an Almighty Creator who grants us the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those are my values. Those are our shared conservative values. Those values are what are desperately needed in Washington to fix what has broken.

I am humbled and my family is humbled that you are here today supporting me as we begin our quest. But as I stand here today I can promise you one thing.

I will FIGHT for you. And FIGHT for our Conservative values. Thank you very much and God Bless Oklahoma and these United States of America.

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