Sen. Clark Jolley Details Balanced Budget: Spending Cuts, Tax Cuts and Key Program Increases -- Jolley Asks, Why Can't Congress Do the Same?

May 23, 2014

Last night the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed SB2127 by a 56-39 margin. The State Senate passed the budget 31-9 on Tuesday. The budget is balanced and cuts spending while also ensuring core services are funded. State Senator Clark Jolley, candidate in the 5th Congressional District Republican primary, issued the following statement:

I am proud to say that, unlike Washington, DC, once again we have passed a balanced budget for fiscal year 2015. Unlike Washigton, DC, the balanced budget does not raise taxes. Our budget makes responsible cuts in spending instead of the way Washington does by getting frozen in deadlock and forcing across-the-board spending cuts or sequestrations.

As the Chairman of the Appropriations committee, I drew a line in the sand on taxes and no taxes were raised in my budgets. While we increased some priority program spending for education, human services and public safety, we also cut spending at over 50 state agencies. It wasn't easy, but we all know that good things are worth fighting for. I know that not everyone will be happy about every line item, but I feel strongly that we must keep the commitments we made to our children's education and critical services like law enforcement. I feel just as strongly that hard-working Oklahomans should keep more of what they earned, it is their money and not the government's.

That is why I'm running for Congress, to show Washington that it is possible to balance the budget, cut taxes and control the growth of spending. It is outrageous that Congress votes to raise the debt limit again and again, but they haven't passed a real balanced budget in years. Every budget in recent memory only cuts spending in the out years, hoping that a future Congress will enforce the cuts they don't have the spine to enforce today. The Feds should take a page from states like Oklahoma, we live within our recently passed budgets. We don't rubber-stamp every program funding increase, we make tough choices when we have to and we don't kick the can down the road.

I promise the citizens of the 5th district that I will take our Oklahoma values to Washington, supporting balanced budgets, spending reductions, tax cuts and the fiscal discipline that Congress currently lacks. I believe that we need to reduce spending and the size of government, and it is entirely possible to do that without cutting priority programs. Send me to Washington so I can show them how to get the job done right.

State Senator Clark Jolley has been a leader for conservative principles in Oklahoma's state government since he was first elected in 2004. He is the author of major legislation to reduce taxes, fight ObamaCare, enact tort reform, protect the 2nd Amendment, balance the budget, and protect the lives of the unborn. He and his wife Verlyne live in Edmond and their two children attend Edmond public schools.

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