Jolley Calls for Approval of Keystone Pipeline Now; We Need Jobs and Security, Not Political Obstruction

May 29, 2014
Campaign Release

State Senator Clark Jolley, Republican candidate for Congress in Oklahoma's 5th district, today called for an end to the Washington gridlock over construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, and urged Congress to pass it now and bring jobs and energy independence to America.

"We need the Keystone Pipeline approved now, and we see through these ridiculous delays coming from Washington, D.C. Oklahomans are disgusted by the partisan obstruction we see from President Obama, the State Department and the Senate Democrats. The President promised Governors he would act soon but he keeps deferring to the State Department. They can't find any reason to delay approving Keystone for environmental reasons, yet they still hold back on approval. The Senate Democrats are pandering to radical environmentalists and rich activists like Tom Steyer, milking them for all the campaign contributions they can get in exchange for not moving this issue forward," said Jolley. "This must stop."

Click here to read an article in the Daily Caller about radical environmentalists’ efforts to kill the Keystone Pipeline. (

"Shame on all of them for their stonewalling, pandering and not acting in America's best interests! America needs Keystone, the tens of thousands of good jobs it will create and the increased energy security it will bring. We need to act now to maximize our domestic energy supply and we must stop spending billions with nations hostile to America. Think of the economic impact of keeping that money here; think of the jobs it would create! Why is this Administration not prioritizing jobs over their fundraising goals?

"Keystone will play a huge role in American energy independence and it is unconscionable that Democrats won't stop their cynical political obstruction of a project that has cleared every environmental impact hurdle. It’s time to stop this pandering to environmentalists and approve the construction of Keystone and the badly needed jobs it brings," Jolley concluded.

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