Clark Jolley: Working for you! -- The Week in Review

April 6, 2014

This past week was a busy week for Clark as he continued to work and speak out on key issues facing Oklahoma families, businesses and employers.

From his vote and support in the Senate for HB3399, which repeals adoption of the Common Core teaching standards in the state and prevents any direct or indirect federal control over those standards or assessments .... meeting with parents and educators that came to the State Capitol on Monday in support of K-12 public education .... visiting with the community bankers about the overreach of Washington and the negative impact Washington’s legislation and regulations have had on Oklahoma bankers and lenders ... speaking out about key legislation he promoted to help stop meth labs and his support of the progress Oklahoma has made in cutting these meth labs in half .... passing a bill out of committee to protect Oklahoma businesses from frivolous litigation .... meeting with voters in their neighborhoods .... to releasing his Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs -- Clark continues to fight for the values and issues important to the future of Oklahoma!

A great week — and we are looking forward to seeing you on soon the campaign trail!

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