Clark Jolley Visits Seminole, Calls for Approval of Keystone Pipeline

February 27, 2014
Campaign Release

State Senator Clark Jolley, candidate for Congress in Oklahoma's 5th Congressional district, took his campaign to Seminole yesterday and spoke at the Seminole Rotary Club. He spoke on a variety of issues, including the need for President Obama to approve construction of the Keystone Pipeline, the devastating impact on jobs under ObamaCare, and the need to have a balanced federal budget to help get our nation’s debt under control.

“President Obama needs to approve the Keystone pipeline now,” said Jolley. “The State Department issued a report in late January that concluded the Keystone XL pipeline would not cause environmental damage. This report is the latest study that finds no reason for the Obama administration to continue blocking this badly-needed project that is important to our economy and our national security.”

The State Department report stated that the Keystone Pipeline and project would not lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions from the oil sands because Alberta-based producers would get their crude to market with or without the Keystone XL line.

“Approval of the Keystone Pipeline would bring stable, high paying jobs and the economic security that comes with them,” Jolley added. “And, the project would reduce the need for oil imports from politically turbulent countries—making America less reliant of hostile foreign sources of oil."

"It is time to approve the project, create new jobs, and help America build greater energy independence.”

Jolley also spoke on a recent report issued by the Congressional Budget Office that showed the devastating impact of ObamaCare on jobs. ObamaCare will cost 2 million jobs by 2017 -- climbing up to 2.3 million jobs in 2021 and 2.5 million jobs by 2024.

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