Another Disappointing Jobs Report

February 14, 2014
Campaign Release

Today, State Senator Clark Jolley, candidate for US Congress 5th District, blasted the Obama Administration for the latest jobs report which showed the number of jobs created in January was weaker than expected--and was the second straight month of weak hiring.

January is the second straight month of weak hiring. Unemployment is still high at 6.6%. The Labor Force Participation Rate is 63%, as low as it was in April 1978. 10.2 million people are unemployed. 20.1 million are unemployed, are underemployed -- or have given up looking for work.

"This report--on top of the Congressional Budget Office's estimate last week that ObamaCare will cost millions of jobs--is another sign of the failed tax and spend programs of the Obama Administration," said Senator Jolley.

"The Obama administration continues to push policies that discourage hiring and dis-incentivize work. Americans deserve better."

"In Congress, I will continue the fight to stop President Obama's high taxes and big spending programs, and work to get our economy back on track and spur economic growth and jobs," said Jolley.

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