A Message from Clark Jolley on Armed Forces Week

May 18, 2014

Armed Forces week has now ended and the special observations, speeches and parades are over. Today in church I prayed, as I do every week, for the Lord to bless and protect the brave men and women of our armed forces as they serve our nation. It is truly humbling to consider the sacrifices they make daily as they fulfill their duties, far from home and often in harm's way, while we enjoy the great blessing of freedom. I think throughout the year of the troops who are missing a child's first step, little league baseball, Mother's Day or the family gatherings that we take for granted too often. I pray the Lord will lift them up whenever they feel the pain of separation from their loved ones.

Please don't wait for next May to honor our troops and all that they do for us. We must always bear in mind that freedom isn't free, and pray regularly for our troops, their safety and well being.

May God Bless and watch of these fine men and women as they serve our wonderful country.

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