A native Oklahoman, Clark Jolley has been a leader for Oklahoma's conservative principles in small business and state government. Whether as the author of major legislation to reduce taxes, balance the budget, or protect the lives of the unborn, Clark is the proven conservative leader we can count on.

Clark Jolley was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 2004, and has been a consistent, conservative leader since being elected. A budget hawk who successfully led efforts to consolidate numerous government agencies and eliminate waste in Oklahoma's budget, Clark served as Chairman of the state Senate Appropriations Committee, a position in which he led the fight to reduce Oklahoman's tax burdens by cutting wasteful spending and reducing government waste.

In the Senate, Clark led in the fight to make sense of our tax system, stop Obamacare, promote positive changes in our education system, enact meaningful tort reform and implement true workers compensation reforms.

In 2017, after completing three terms in the Senate, Clark was named Vice Chairman of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, where he works to make sure taxpayers are treated fairly and pay only what they owe in taxes and not a penny more. In 2018, Clark was nominated and confirmed to serve as Oklahoma Secretary of Finance, Administration and Information Technology

Clark attended public schools in Del City and graduated from Del City High School. He received two degrees from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Law degree from the University of Oklahoma. Clark and his wife, April, live in Edmond, and have four children. They are active in the community and in their church. An educator with a passion for teaching, Clark is an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma Christian University and Mid-America Christian University.

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