A native Oklahoman, Clark Jolley has been a leader for Oklahoma's conservative principles in both small business and state government. Whether as the author of major legislation to reduce taxes, balance the budget, or protect the lives of the unborn, Clark is the proven conservative leader we can count on. Read more

family values

Clark Jolley comes from modest roots. The son of a farm boy from southern Georgia and a secretary from southeast Oklahoma, Clark grew up in Del City, Oklahoma. Clark's father, Paul, was a World War II veteran and instilled in him the values of hard work, caring for family, faith in God, and a love for state and country. Clark's mom, Margaret, was a secretary who grew up in a section house in Grant, Oklahoma and taught Clark the value of being grateful for what we've been provided. Read more

On the issues

As a Senator from 2004 to 2016, Clark Jolley has taken a stand on almost every issue imaginable. Clark Jolley has built a record of achievement for protecting the public, promoting job growth and fighting government waste. Read more

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